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Cheat Sheet Pro

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Whether you call it a Valet, Maintenance Tray, Catch All or Desk Caddy, this is the organizer you've been looking for. Designed to be equally useful on your workbench, nightstand, desk and beyond with features including removable rubber Flex Trays (SOLD SEPARATELY), integrated inch ruler, recessed rubber feet and pockets for all your gear, tools and parts. 

Cheat Sheet Pro is perfect for the hobbyist whose workbench is covered in small tools, the mechanic who needs to move parts all around a shop and the EDC enthusiast who empties their heavy pockets onto their bedside table. 

The optional Curator Flex Tray features large rubber pyramids to divide your gear in an aesthetic way that also combats bumps and scratches. Add one to your order for the real PRO experience. 

Length - 8.75"

Width - 6.25"

Height including rubber feet - .8"

Main pocket - 5.73" x 4.98" x .625"