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GOOD ART HLYWD Boxing Glove Pendant

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A truly stunning creation of GOOD ART HLYWD offered in an exclusive numbered run through JRW, the Boxing Glove Pendant! As with a lot of JRW products and motifs, this piece is symbolic of the fight you endure. I've said it before and I'll say it again, everyone is fighting for something, let this piece remind you to keep at it. Each piece in this exclusive run is made of solid sterling silver, numbered 1 through 25 and features a date code. Chain not included.

"The degree to which an object can communicate or evoke a state of mind is a mark of its magnitude. Art is communication, and art has the ability to affect how you feel. Just as a work of art can uplift the spirit, so too can an everyday object bring joy well beyond its function. And if it does, it may well be art even if it looks like a key chain." -Josh Warner, GOOD ART HLYWD