Bourbon tastings & date nights & house parties & champagne celebrations & late night sips...

The Cocktail Presentation Tray

It's not for you, it's for your guests. Impress your date with some wine, invite the boys over for a tasting or serve your family some delicious cocktails. There's no better product on the planet to deliver a beautifully upscale experience for your libations.

Timeless Style

For moments that deserve more than just a drink, the Beverage Pro is designed to give you an elegant and luxurious presentation for your top shelf beverages. Style is at the forefront of this tray because you deserve the cocktail bar experience in the comfort of your own home.

  • Glassware

    Two large pockets and six small pockets are integrated to hold everything from highball and rocks glasses to glencairn and shot glasses. Configurations are endless for bourbon tastings, date nights, parties or any occasion that calls for a good drink!

  • Stemware

    Two distinct paths are cut through the top layer to guide wine and champagne glasses into a safe space, far from the dangers of toppling over. You can even set the Beverage Pro down on your couch without fear of spilling.

  • Handles

    Simultaneously robust and sleek, the brushed brass handles doubled up on each side feel luxurious and provide confidence when carrying the Beverage Pro. Would you believe they have a hidden feature too? Keep reading...

  • Napkins

    The aesthetic handles on each side double as a space to hold napkins when the tray is set up for a great presentation. Every Beverage Pro comes with four custom napkins to get you started!

  • Easy Cleaning

    A wide open construction and moisture-friendly materials make the Beverage Pro extremely easy to clean. If you spill a little of the good stuff just slide a wet rag right through the middle and give it a quick wipe!

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Beverage Pros are cut from aerospace grade aluminum with tough powder coating, brass hardware and jumbo non-slip rubber feet bolted to the bottom.

Tray dimensions:

Length - 16.04"

Width - 6.63"

Height including rubber feet - 1.8"

Maximum stemware width - .35"

What's Included

Every Beverage Pro includes a JRW cocktail menu (with a QR to help you make them), four custom napkins and a JRW sticker. The whole package comes in a custom box.

Where It's Made

Beverage Pro was designed in Charlotte, NC and are made in the USA.


For any questions or concerns please email