Proudly strengthening the workshops of Ken Onion, JB Stout, Tactile Knife Co, Zerofeud and more.

  • Double Wide Main Pocket

    Space for much larger projects than it's predecessor, the Cheat Sheet Pro, as well as support for two side by side Flex Trays creating 15 possible configurations.

  • Removable Whiteboard

    Walk your shop with the iPhone sized whiteboard to take notes on parameters, key tasks etc. then return it to it's designated slot so you'll see it all day! Dry erase marker included.

  • Recessed Handles

    What good is keeping all your shop essentials in one place if you're tethered to your workbench? Pick up the Bench Pro and make ANY space your work space.

  • Slots For Everything

    Pens, markers, hex bits, small parts, big parts, there is a pocket for everything you need. Even machinists will be gratified to see flashdrive slots so the most critical part of CNC won't get lost.

  • Everything You Loved About The Cheat Sheet Pro

    Stacked wood and metal construction, recessed rubber feet and aesthetics that make you WANT to tackle a project.

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Bench Pro is the first tray that allows you to pick up and carry your entire arsenal of workbench essentials AND your current project anywhere you want. Move freely from desk to machine to tumbler and back, then at the end of the day you can bring it all to the dinner table to finish assembly. Just don't let your spouse catch you.

Flex Trays

With the range of JRW Flex Tray options, Bench Pro has 15 possible configurations to create your optimal workflow. You may place any two Flex Trays side by side, double up on the same one, leave one side empty or leave the whole pocket open to support the largest projects.


Material Choices

Bench Pro comes in two thoughtfully selected options to accommodate your environment and your style. The only thing that changes with your choice is the top layer of the tray. The aluminum option has a Wrinkle Black powder coat making it tough and exceptionally handsome while the hardboard matches the aesthetic of a wood workbench and reduces the weight.

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Bench Pros are cut from MDF and Hardboard with optional powder coated 5052 aluminum top, brass hardware and non-slip, recessed rubber feet.

Tray dimensions:

Length - 15.04"

Width - 6.88"

Height including rubber feet - .8"

Main pocket - 11.46" x 4.98" x .625"

Whiteboard dimensions - 6" x 3" x .118"

What's Included

Every Bench Pro includes a conveniently sized whiteboard, a dry erase marker with eraser, brass hardware, four adhesive velcro squares to convert the corner pockets to ranger eye spots and a JRW sticker. The whole package comes in a custom box.

Where It's Made

Bench Pro was designed in Charlotte, NC and are cut, coated and assembled in the USA.


For any questions or concerns please email